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Gairal Forest Rest House

Gairal Forest Rest House is managed and booked by Corbett Tiger Reserve. This Forest rest house is located deep inside the thick forest of Jim Corbett National Park in the state of Uttarakhand. One can book rooms at this forest rest house through the official website of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Unlike the other forest rest house of Corbett Tiger Reserve are little or far away from the river, Gairal Forest Rest House is right next to Ramganga river and offers a true riverside forest retreat experience to their guest. To keep away wild animals from the Gairal forest rest house forest department has fixed solar power fencing of 6 feet high on the periphery of the Gairal Forest Rest House.

Over the years thousands of travelers have stayed at Gairal forest rest house and have enjoyed thrilling morning and evening jeep safari of Dhikala safari zone of Jim Corbett National Park or in other words, the guest who wishes to take jeep safari of Dhikala zone plan their stay at Gairal Rest House. As there are only 06 double rooms at Gairal Forest Rest House so a well advance booking is strongly suggested.

Room Category: NEW FRH

No Of Rooms:04

Room Type: Double Head

Facilities: Hot Water, Towel, Toiletries, Charging Points

Room Category- Dormitory

No Of Beds: 8 Dormitory beds

Room Type: 8 Beds/2 Bathroom in a Large Room

Facilities: Fan, Hot Water, Towel, Toiletries, Charging Points

Accommodation And Amenities

Gairal Forest Rest House has two different room blocks for guest Accommodation, Old FRH which came in 1903 during the British era and new FRH which is comparatively quite new.

There are two interconnected rooms at Old Forest Rest House block of Gairal Forest Rest House. These two interconnected rooms open in different directions and connected by a common dining space each room has a private attached washroom that has western fittings and running water facility. One room offers a river view while the opposite room offers forest view.

In adjoining, compound forest department staff stays who keep a close watch on wildlife and guest who are not honoring the house rules of the forest rest house. Their presence in the adjoining compound gives an extra feeling of security to travelers. This rest house has hosted solo female travelers, families, groups in fact all kinds of travelers who have an interest in wildlife visit this beautiful place.

In New Forest Rest House block there are a total of 04 double rooms and one 8 bed dormitory for staying. All rooms have twin beds. These all rooms are on the ground floor which means guests will need to climb only two steps to access their rooms. This well built pukka Accommodation ensures guests their complete safety.

For third-person one extra bed can be laid out. The door and windows are placed at such a position so that it ensures a cross ventilation feature in each room. There is no fan or air conditioner in rooms. In fact, electricity is supplied for limited hours in the evening by solar-powered inverters, provided these inverters are charged enough which sometimes becomes difficult during cloudy days in winter.

Between 15th November to 15th March, the weather remains cold so it omits the need for a fan or air conditioner in rooms. From 15th March onward as the mercury rises guests may need a fan in mid-afternoon for a few hours that is also when guests are staying at the forest rest house and not going on safari.

In addition doors and windows also have mosquito nets. The size of the rooms is good enough to accommodate three persons at a time. All rooms have attached neat and clean washrooms. These big washrooms are equipped with a mirror, western toilet seat, washbasin, bucket, mug. Hot water in rooms is offered from a common tap. White towel and toiletries are available at guest service, still, if guests have liked for any particular brand of soap or shampoo then do not forget to carry the same. Last but not least carry a moisturizer in winter and sunscreen in summer.

Accommodation Type : Basic and comfortable which means not luxurious

Room Size : Sufficient to accommodate one double bed and one extra mattress/bed

Room Service : room service is not allowed, There is limited staff at gairal forest rest house.

Liquor And Non Vegetarian Food : Guest are not allowed to carry liquor or any meat inside national park and consume it

Washroom : All rooms have attached washroom with running clean water. All toilet have western toilet seat only dormitory have one(out of two) squat toilet seat. if travelling with kids of age below 5 years do not forget to carry toddler toilet seat for their comfort.

Fan Or Air Conditioner : There is no fan or air conditioner in rooms, rooms are naturally ventilated very well.

Quilts And Mattress : White linen is used on the mattress while blankets and quilts are offered to guests. Guests can carry sleeping bags for more fun but any camp or tent pitching is not allowed outside the room in open ground or porch.

Television Or Wifi/Internet : No television available.

Intercom : There is no intercom in rooms so conversation is only medium to covey messages

Electricity : Electricity is available for 1-2 hours in the evening if solar power inverter is charged which becomes difficult if the sky is full of clouds during the day. So do not forget to carry the power bank

Light : Although rooms have electricity fitting that is usable only in the evening, at the time of check-in solar power lantern are provided in rooms which are daily charged. This time mobile torch or flashlight or camping light becomes more helpful if guests are carrying the same.

Mobile Signal : Almost no signal available of any mobile operator at Gairal Forest rest house so zero disturbance by the call. Better before entering into forest guests forward their call to any other available mobile number.

There are some points in the Dhikala forest rest house compound where Idea and Vodafone signal works so while going to Dhikala Forest rest house for a bio break or any meal(breakfast or Lunch) guests can make a call.

Urgent messages can be conveyed through a jeep driver who is entering into the Dhikala zone or a message can be dropped when guest's mobile gets signal during safari they might receive the same.

Open grounds : There is ample space in fact largest open space when compared to other forest rest houses.

Entertainment And Sports Facility : There is no swimming pool, table tennis, softball cricket or any recreation game available at any forest rest house

Canteen And Food

Gairal Forest Rest House has one small canteen and one dining room where 10-15 people can sit comfortably and have meals. Guests have the option to have breakfast or lunch in an open lawn which is next to the dining room from here guests can also enjoy the spectacular view of Ramganga river and forest. This canteen is operated by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam and serves only veg meals to its resident and visiting guests. In breakfast, they normally serve tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam and parathas, and in lunch and dinner at least one vegetable dish, lentil, rice, and roti. To add more flavor guests can carry fruits, pickle from outside. During the day canteen also take order for noodles, omelet with tea, coffee at a very reasonable price. Consumption of any meat or fish or liquor is strictly prohibited while staying at Gairal forest rest house in Corbett national park.

All staff at the canteen and Gairal forest rest house are local from the nearest village and very caring.

Restaurant Or Canteen : Gairal Forest rest house has a canteen which serves the vegetarian meal, charges are as below

Breakfast : Rs.250 per member
Time : 08 am to 10 am

Lunch : 300 per member
Time : 01 pm to 03:00 am

Dinner : 300 per member Time : 07 pm to 09:00 pm

Above rates can be changed without prior notice

Child below 5 years are free share with their parents meal plate

For other than above item refer kindly menu

How To Reach Gairal Forest Rest House

To reach Gairal Forest Rest one have to take the entry from the Dhangarghi gate of Corbett national park and pass through mesmerizing river beds, the canopy of towering sal trees which will last for 17 kilometers.

By Air :- To reach Gairal Forest rest House one has to plan to reach first at Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. Ramnagar is very well connected to Delhi and Dehradun airport by road.

By Train :- If one is traveling by train either guest can come down to Ramnagar railway station(station code RMR) or pick up can be done below stations:-

Moradabad (Around 60 kilometers from Ramnagar, 01 hour by Innova)

Haridwar (Around 180 kilometers from Ramnagar, 4-5 hours by Innova)

Delhi (Around 260 kilometers from Ramnagar, 5-6 hours by Innova)

By Road :- Till entry gate of Dhikala (Dhangari gate) guest may driver in their cab/personnel vehicle from here guest must have to opt jeep which is authorized to enter in Corbett tiger reserve.

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