Dhela Tourism Zone

Dhela Tourism Zone

Spread over 1173 hectares, Dhela Safari Zone is the sixth ecotourism zone of Corbett Corbett Park which was placed on the Corbett Tiger Reserve tourism map in the year 2014. It was prepared from the southern buffer forest part of Corbett. In the seventy-five years of Corbett's history, a forest in Dhela has the distinction of seeing seven tigers once. This forest has various species of wildlife including sambar deer in mixed forest plantations and moist deciduous shelters which attract tigers as they find prey easily. It is also true that the Sal forest area is the favorite area for tiger hunting. The watch tower built inside the Dhela zone helps the tourists to see the wild animals from a distance. Dhela has a forest tract of 46 kms where you can spot various wildlife species. Travelers can enjoy jeep safaris in morning as well as evening shift. Only 15 gypsies are allowed inside the zone in a shift. Dhela is especially known for bird watching. Dhela is open throughout the year.

Dhela Safari Zone

Jeep Safari :- The Dhela zone can be visited on a day safari, the permit for which can be reserved using the official website. The safari is done using the registered vehicles and a mandatory guide. Private vehicles are not allowed in this zone just like the other zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve

Chaurs (Grass Lands) :- A vast Laldhang chaur is the main attraction of this zone. The grassland is often seen packed with elephants and deers. Several wild pigs and Neelgai can also be seen here. The area is also a very sought after place for visitors interested in grassland birds.

Flora And Fauna In Dhela :- Dhela Zone is extremely rich in flora and fauna. The entire area has mixed forests of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, Kusum vegetation. Fauna includes tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears and king Cobras. Dhela zone is particularly known for bird diversity.

How To Reach :- The entry for the Dhela zone is common with the Jhirna zone and is from the Dhela gate which is located at a distance of approx. 20 km from Ramnagar.

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